My Sad is All Gone
A Family’s Triumph Over Violent Autism

Lucky Press, 2004. To be re-printed by Inanna Publications, 2013/14.  

My Sad Is All Gone is essential reading for anybody who needs to learn about pharmacological treatments for severe rage in teenagers and adults with autism.
— Temple Grandin, author of ‘Labelled Autistic’ and ‘Thinking In Pictures’.

True story of Wheatley’s autistic son, Julian, and his struggle with violence and self-mutilation. 

Thanks to the intervention of Toronto doctor  Joseph Huggins, with a special medication protocol geared to her son’s needs, Wheatley’s son, Julian, self-mutilating and given to uncontrollable rage behaviours, moves from terror and violence to certain success.


Today, in his late thirties, Julian has five volunteer jobs and is a loving, lovable young man.

My Sad Is All Gone is used in Yale Autism Centre as an aid to parents of autistic children.

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Thelma Wheatley gives talks and presentations on rage behaviours in autistic children. Contact her here.