PART FOUR: The Institution: Ontario Hospital School Orillia, 1936-1974

1.  The Institution: Physical Appearance

2.  Role of Government Inspectors: Testimony

3.  Life in the Huronia Institution
     Confinement and Curtailment of Freedom
     Segregation of the severely retarded
     Fire Hazard
     Passes and ground privileges
     “What’s Wrong At Orillia: Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
       -  Pierre Berton’s Expose, Toronto Daily Star, January 6, 1960:
     Overcrowding and underfunding

4.  Punishment and Cruel Treatment at Huronia
     Rubber punishment
     Testimony of mother volunteers
     Psychological Suffering
     “Side” Room or “Punishment” Room
     Wet-Packs, Cold Baths, Straight Jackets (Restraints) and Sheet Restraints  

5.  Sexual Abuse at Huronia
     The Willard Report 1976
     Physical and Psychological Humiliation
     Sterilization, Drugging and Medications
     Chemical Sterilization of Females
     Drugging Patients

6.  Patient Labour at Huronia
     Boys and Men: Labour
     Girls and Women: Labour