Survivors Oppose Settlement

On December the 3rd, 2013, survivors of the Huronia Regional Centre appeared before the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto to hear details of the settlement of the class action lawsuit offered to them in compensation for their suffering.

Many survivors opposed the settlement as being too low in compensation for the suffering they endured - approximately $2,000 each.

The judge opted not to hear survivors' testimony, another source of grievance as many wish to "tell their story" in full that was denied them by the sudden settlement on September 17, 2013 - - surely the whole point of the exercise? I feel that what survivors had expected was a sort of "truth and reconciliation" as famously exercised  in South Africa at the end of apartheid, but which is not now going to take place. Only people who oppose the settlement are allowed to give testimony. This is different from having your story heard and recorded, and that is the source of grievance.

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